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Launching a New Category of Orthopedics: Moximed’s Journey and Trial Results

May 23, 2023


In his early education Anton Clifford was advised against focusing on both science and economics. But he’s put that education to good use in his entrepreneurial career. With a foundation in engineering, Clifford quickly turned to medical devices. First in his native Ireland and later in the US with Abbott Laboratories, Clifford got firsthand experience with device engineering as well as the challenges of launching new products, divisions, and companies.

On the journey to his current endeavor, Clifford had narrowed his focus to finding an engineering problem with a mechanical component: a massive unmet need with a surgical solution that was under-adopted. As he considered market opportunities, a friend and mentor, Josh Makower, directed him: You’re not trying to make something work; you’re trying to kill ideas.

The last idea standing, so to speak, was an implantable shock absorber, reducing load to the knee joint. After years of development, Moximed has released its FDA study on the most recent product—Misha—with “phenomenal outcomes.” Compared to a surgical alternative, Misha showed superior recovery, pain, function, and no mechanical failures.


Anton Clifford

Co-founder and CEO


Anton had the vision to identify the clinical need and invent the solution of the implantable shock absorber. His confidence to co-found Moximed after a successful rise through small company acquisition (MedNova) and parent company (Abbott) integration, combined with his resilience and sound judgment, serve as guideposts to a growing and ascending Moximed.

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