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Too often we define the Medtech sector by the number of dollars raised, IPOs helped or companies sold. But the focus neglects the very foundation of the sector - the People. Join the Medtech Talk Podcast each week to hear from entrepreneurs, investors and executives who spend their days developing the tools that make sick people well and health care more efficient.

A Continued Conversation: Fred Khosravi on Transforming a Medical Invention to an Exceptional Innovation

January 17, 2023


Fred Khosravi, chairman and CEO of Imperative Care, returns to the podcast for another engaging conversation with host Geoff Pardo about his personal and professional experiences in the medtech space. He speaks about the elements of preparedness that help entrepreneurs seize new opportunities, the importance of maintaining intellectual honesty in one’s work, and why a “market-first” mentality leads to industry success. He says, “It’s not a great medical innovation unless it ends up helping a lot of patients. Otherwise, it’s just a great invention.”

Khosravi generously shares three decades worth of entrepreneurial wisdom and recounts stories of the people who profoundly impacted his career. He talks about viewing investors as partners not parents, the attributes that spur venture capitalists to invest in a CEO, the lessons learned from developing the number one intravascular filter in the global market, and his work at Imperative Care—a stand-alone comprehensive stroke and thrombectomy company. He also explains why he believes “freedom and innovation” set the American medtech industry apart and the path forward to make it even better.


Fred Khosravi, MS

Chairman and CEO

Imperative Care

Fred Khosravi is the chairman and CEO of Imperative Care. A Silicon Valley medical device entrepreneur, he is also managing director of Incept LLC, a health sciences innovations accelerator, founded in 1998. Incept has founded 23 medical companies (16 with exits), in which Khosravi has served as either an executive or a director. For more than 30 years, he has held management and executive positions in large and small medical technology enterprises.

Khosravi is either inventor or co-inventor on over 200 US and worldwide granted and patent applications. He serves on the Board of Trustees at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, a bipartisan think tank dedicated to providing strategic national security insights to help decision-makers chart a course toward a better world. Khosravi is a member of the Board of Directors at Spirit of America, a non-profit that promotes private-sector support for the safety and success of our troops and the local people they want to help. He is also a Convening Board Member for Technology for America, a nonprofit for the promotion of innovation as a way to engage public-private dialogue that benefits all Americans. Khosravi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduated cum laude with a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Tech University.

Meet Our Host, Geoff Pardo

Geoff has been in medtech for over two decades in both operational and investment roles. He is passionate about the industry potential and sharing stories from the front lines of innovation.