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Inari Medical: Clot Warriors—Changing the Paradigm in DVT and Pulmonary Embolism

December 10, 2020


Inari Medical is a 2020 success story. The company was one of the first medtech companies to IPO during the pandemic. As part of the new Medtech Talk Digital Discussion Series, host Geoff Pardo had a chance to conduct a panel interview with four members of the Inari management team: Bill Hoffman, CEO; Drew Hykes, CCO; Thomas Tu, MD, CMO; and Tara Dunn, Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Market Development. The team discussed their unique culture, strong mission, early success, sales strategy and many other topics, including advice from Bill to other entrepreneurs who are considering going public, reflections from Tom on the transition from being a physician to the business world, benchmarking from Drew on how this experience compares to other ventures he has been in, and comparisons from Tara on the difference between working for a big company vs. a smaller company. Tune in now to hear from one of medtech’s most promising companies!


Bill Hoffman


Inari Medical, Inc.

Bill has focused on early stage companies with novel devices in new markets. Prior to Inari Medical, Bill served as CEO of Visualase, Inc., which developed and sold lasers for minimally invasive neurosurgery. The company was acquired by Medtronic for $105M in July, 2014, having raised less than $10m in equity funding. Prior to Visualase, Bill was Vice President of Sales at FoxHollow, Inc., helping to build a commercial team and revenue ramp that led to a successful IPO in 2004 and an acquisition by EV3 in 2007. Bill’s first early stage med tech experience was as head of sales at RITA Medical Systems, an interventional oncology company that enjoyed a successful IPO in 2000. He spent the early part of his career in various sales roles at Ethicon and Medtronic.

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Geoff has been in medtech for over two decades in both operational and investment roles. He is passionate about the industry potential and sharing stories from the front lines of innovation.