2023 Agenda

Medtech MVP

Tackling Medtech's Timeliest Issues and Opportunities

June 20 - 21, 2023 ALL TIMES CDT

The Medtech MVP conference is an annual gathering of the leading innovators, investors and executives from around the nation discussing the timeliest issues and opportunities. This conference features candid discussions (panels or 1-on-1 conversations) that explore relevant topics for medtech innovators and business leaders as well as ample networking in a tight community. The many years of successful Medtech MVP programming have relied on insightful and beneficial perspectives and recommendations from our various keynotes and panels. These speakers draw from their experiences to share content that is valuable to the rest of the audience. This year we will focus on timely topics, such as reducing the cost of care, overcoming valuation overhang and the implications on raising capital and exits, expansion of big tech into healthcare & medtech, leveraging DEI to build high-performance executive teams, and a closing town hall. Join leading medtech experts at this boutique event as we continue to help advance the industry through thought sharing and networking that helps drive innovation!

Tuesday, June 20

4:00 pm

Registration Open

4:25 pm
Conference Co-Chair Kickoff Remarks
4:30 pm
Simultaneous Breakout Sessions
4:30 pm
BREAKOUT SESSION:Optimizing Service Providers while Transitioning from Early to Late Stage

Patrice Kloss, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP


Scott Brown, PhD, Chief Scientific Strategist, Bright Research Partners

Kathy Herzog, BSME, Senior Regulatory, Quality & Compliance Consultant, Duval & Associates

Jenny Fuller, Partner, Fox Rothschild

Lori Milbrandt, Retired CFO, Imricor Medical Systems

4:30 pm
BREAKOUT SESSION:Data as a Product: Re-Defining How We Inform the Future of Surgery

Eric S. Heinz, President, Heinz Ventures, LLC

Andrew Savarese, Vice President, Digital Surgery, Cambridge Consultants

Krishna Srikrishna, Surgical Robotics Data Analyst, Medtronic

Brian Stellmach, Vice President, Digital Solutions, Asensus Surgical, Inc.

The promise of digital surgery is an insight driven intra-operative experience that drives a higher quality of care. To achieve this, the MedTech industry has the enormous task of developing devices that can inform surgeons when they need it most. This panel will explore data in healthcare not as an asset to be solely owned but as a product and the challenges and opportunities in front of us to unlocking this product’s potential.  

5:15 pm
BREAKOUT SESSION:Account Targeting Strategy using claims and scholarly data and exploring ChatGPT Use Cases in the Life Sciences Industry

Brett Erickson, Dir Sales Operations, Teleflex

Manish Sharma, CEO, TikaMobile

In today's evolving healthcare industry, successful medical device companies must establish contracts with a range of account types to effectively provide patient care. To ensure access to diverse patient populations, it is essential to have agreements with IDNs, GPOs, and HCP accounts. However, managing these contracts can become inefficient and time-consuming as businesses expand. This session aims to introduce a solution that enables visibility into contract conditions and commitments, leading to improved contract performance and commercial success. 

Bonus: Create effective HCP and HCO target lists using claims data to help prioritize and segment accounts. 

5:15 pm
BREAKOUT SESSION:Market Development Challenges of “Direct” vs. “Enabling” Benefit MedTech

Mike Fix, Director, Life Sciences, Guidehouse

Kevin Hykes, President and CEO, Augmedics

Matt Likens, CEO, GT Medical

Medical technology products add immense value to the healthcare system in a myriad of ways. The benefits provided by medical technologies can be categorized into two major groups - those that provide “direct benefit” (e.g., devices that directly influence clinical outcomes) and those that provide “enabling benefit” (e.g., devices that facilitate improved surgical procedures, monitor patients remotely, or diagnose conditions). This panel will discuss how market development challenges and barriers differ between these two categories and provide some key lessons learned directly from company leaders in this space.

5:15 pm
BREAKOUT SESSION:Board and Executive Risk - Protecting Yourself and Your Company As You Raise Money

Dan Hanson, Senior Vice President, Management Liability and Client Experience, Marsh McLennan Agency

  • Board and C-Suite liability in the MedTech and Life Sciences space 
  • Raising money: D&O risks for companies seeking debt and equity financing in a difficult capital market environment 
  • Going public: D&O risks for MedTech companies considering a liquidity event 

Bjorn Honda, Executive Vice President, Management Liability Group, Marsh McLennan Agency

David Krenn, Chief Financial Officer, HistoSonics, Inc.

Bret Puls, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

6:00 pm

Welcome Networking Reception

7:00 pm

Close of Day

Wednesday, June 21

7:30 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:30 am

Organizer's Welcome Remarks

Benjamin Lakin, PhD, President, Cambridge Innovation Institute

8:35 am

Co-Chair Opening Remarks

Lisa Wipperman-Heine, Board Director and Medtech Executive

8:40 am

Patient and Care Partner Perspectives

Sarah Krüg, Executive Director, CANCER101; CEO, Health Collaboratory

Interviewed By:

Lisa Wipperman-Heine, Board Director and Medtech Executive

9:10 am

Reducing the Cost of Care: ASC, Care in the Office, and Home Care


Sarah Worrell, CEO, Melodi Health

How do we properly incentivize clinicians and give them the tools they need to meaningfully reduce costs in healthcare? This panel explores moving care from hospitals to ASCs, clinics, or the home as a platform for meaningfully taking costs out of healthcare. Key topics include innovation in reimbursement, importance of early detection, and key therapeutic areas to prioritize for treating patients outside the hospital setting. 


Janet Benton, COO, Twin Cities Orthopedics and Revo Health

Andy Doraiswamy, Founder & CEO, Koya Medical

James Eadie, MD, Managing Director, Sante Ventures

Carlton W. Weatherby, Vice President & General Manager, Spine & Biologics, Cranial & Spinal Technologies, Medtronic

9:50 am

Networking Coffee Break

10:20 am
Simultaneous Breakout Sessions
10:20 am
BREAKOUT SESSION:FDA Regulatory, Compliance, and Privacy Due Diligence—Finding Your Goldilocks Zone

James Eadie, Managing Director, Sante Ventures

Ryan Egeland, Chief Executive Officer, Crossfire Medical and Founding Partner & Managing Director, Big Sky Biomedical

Mark Gardner, Directing Attorney, Gardner Law, PLLC

Sarah Karlgaard, General Counsel & Secretary, FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation

NASA defines the “Goldilocks zone” as the habitable zone around a star where liquid water can exist on the surface of surrounding planets. Like the third of the three bowls of porridge in the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this is the ”sweet spot” where it is neither too hot nor too cold, but just right for life to exist. This breakout discussion will apply the “Goldilocks zone” concept to buyers. Savvy fiduciaries strike a delicate balance during diligence to make deals that fall within a regulatory Goldilocks zone. Buyers avoid deals that are too cold, e.g., a company that lacks necessary regulatory and compliance controls. Likewise, they avoid deals that are too hot, e.g., a company that has the necessary regulatory and compliance controls in place but does not comply with them in practice. A distinguished panel will pull back the curtain on the due diligence process and supply helpful insights on how to make sure your next deal is “just right” from a regulatory diligence perspective.

10:20 am
BREAKOUT SESSION:Moving Beyond Robotics – What the Digital OR Means for Med Device, Healthcare, and How We Will Get There

Sheila Shah, Managing Director, Consulting, L.E.K. Consulting

  • The technology that is needed to enable the digital OR - it’s more than robotics
  • Security/regulatory considerations and how to avoid pitfalls
  • Industry and provider stewardship during the formative years of this transformative change - collectively we have an obligation to avoid things that could stop progress cold.
  • How does the current state of the medtech industry play into this

Daniel Hawkins, Founder & CEO, Avail Medsystems Inc

10:20 am
BREAKOUT SESSION:Leveraging RWE to Gain Coverage and Secure Reimbursement: How Life Sciences Leaders can Accelerate Market Access Success

David Gregory, MPA, FACHE, Principal, Baker Tilly

Real-world evidence (RWE) can help pharmaceutical and medical device companies in a variety of ways. From determining the effectiveness of a therapeutic to demonstrating the product’s economic value to helping gain coverage and acceptance from payers and providers, the opportunities are far-reaching. However, knowing when to tap into RWE and how to use it during the product development life cycle can help accelerate your therapeutic for market access success.

Join Baker Tilly for an informative webinar discussing the importance of utilizing RWE. In addition to discussing what payers and providers are looking for in order to provide coverage and utilize your therapeutic, our team will also discuss how life sciences companies can gain a better understanding of knowing the right time and place to use RWE during the product life cycle to accelerate the adoption and success of your product or device.

11:00 am

Adoption of Digital Technology into Medical Devices and Healthcare


Lisa Suennen, Managing Partner, Venture Valkyrie, LLC

After years of living in parallel universes, Digital Technologies and Medical Devices are finally finding themselves connected. The opportunity to integrate data into the device realm to the benefit of patients, payers and providers is significant. But a myriad of challenges make this combination of capabilities and cultures complex. The panel will discuss what has worked and what has yet to be optimized at this confluence of healthcare segments.


Aabed Meer, MD, Partner, Questa Capital

David Van Sickle, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, AyrFlo

Cathy Skinner, CEO, NXGenPort

Liane Teplitsky, President, Global Robotics and Technology & Data Solutions, Zimmer Biomet

11:40 am

Healthcare Executive Interview

Gianrico Farrugia, MD, President and CEO, Mayo Clinic

A distributed data network platform model for healthcare solves many of the systemic problems facing healthcare, from curing disease, to improving patient access and tackling disparities, to enhancing collaboration. Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, CEO of Mayo Clinic, and Cathy Wurzer, host of Morning Edition for MPR News, discuss Mayo Clinic's platform transformation of healthcare and why Mayo Clinic is committed to "leading together" toward a better future for healthcare.

Interviewed By:

Cathy Wurzer, Host, Morning Edition, MPR News

12:10 pm

Networking Luncheon

1:10 pm

Co-Chair's Afternoon Remarks

Joe Biller, Managing Partner, 3x5 Partners

1:15 pm

Medtech by the Numbers

Jonathan Norris, Managing Director, HSBC Innovation

Please join Jonathan Norris from HSBC as he dissects Q1 med device investment trends.  He will cover overall healthcare investment in Q1, and will focus on med device investment (Seed/Series A and later stage) by indication, valuation and step-up.  In addition, Jon will cover M&A trends over the past five years, detailing private venture-backed acquisitions by the most active strategies, as well as analysis of 510(k)/PMA trends.

1:30 pm

Overcoming Valuation Overhang – Implications on Raising Capital and Exits


Geoffrey Pardo, General Partner, Gilde Healthcare

The bullishness that existed from 2016-2022 has given way to uncertainty and volatility. Public markets are difficult to access and acquirers have struck a more conservative approach. This panel will discuss the implications for private companies, particularly those that were financed during the boom times. Key topics will include strategies for keeping private companies financed, as well as the outlook for liquidity via M&A or IPO. 


Tak G Cheung, Partner, New Enterprise Associates

J.P. Peltier, Managing Director, Global Head, Healthcare Investment Banking, Piper Sandler

Michael Ryan, VP, Venture Capital & Business Development, Boston Scientific Corp

Gwen Watanabe, Managing Director, H.I.G. Capital

Rob Winklemann, Managing Partner & CEO, Credo 180

2:20 pm

Presentation of 2023 Medtech MVP Award

2:30 pm

Interview with Medtech MVP 2023 Award Recipient

Erica Rogers, CEO, Silk Road Medical

Erica and Jim have known each other since 2008 when they negotiated across the table from each other. That initial series of meetings evolved into a 15-year relationship of mutual admiration. In this interview, they will talk about Erica’s career, focusing on key decisions that led her to become initially a serial entrepreneur and ultimately the leader of one of the most successful SmidCap companies of our time.

Interviewed By:

James Adox, Executive Managing Director, Venture Investors, LLC

3:00 pm

Networking Refreshment Break

3:30 pm

The Value of Representation in Healthtech


Ingrid Ellerbe, Executive Director, DxD Healthtech (Diversity by Doing)

Within the framework of funding, innovation, organizational structure & regulatory requirements there exists a tremendous upside in leveraging equitable representation. Innovations that aim to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease often intend to have broad societal benefit, but often, they fail to benefit everyone equally and worsen health.  Let’s talk about how the healthtech innovation process, and the innovations that result, be made more equitable.


Lisa Lavin, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Omcare

Juan-Pablo Mas, Partner, Action Potential VC

Sally Saba, MD, MBA, VP - Global Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, and President of the Medtronic Foundation

Kendal Whitlock, Head, Digital Optimization, RWE Clinical Trials, Walgreens Co.

4:10 pm

Town Hall – YOUR Discussion of Topics that are Top-of-Mind


Stacy Enxing Seng, Venture Partner, Lightstone Ventures

Tim Herbert, President & CEO, Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.

Kirk Nielsen, Managing Partner, Vensana Capital

After a day of dialogue on issues that matter to you as investors, company builders, and corporate partners, we will no doubt have more to explore together as we navigate one of the most dynamic periods in our sector’s history. This interactive, engaging, and provocative session will cover topics that matter to you and your business. Our panel of industry veterans will share their ideas and points of view, but we really want to hear from you! So please come ready to tee up issues you’d like to discuss and be prepared to engage with your peers as we efficiently unpack a variety of topics.

4:50 pm

Co-Chair's Closing Remarks

Amy Belt Raimundo, Managing Director, Kaiser Permanente Ventures

5:00 pm

Closing Networking Reception

6:30 pm

Close of Summit