2022 Agenda

    Tuesday, June 14, 2022

    4:00 PM

    Registration (Ballroom Foyer)

    4:30 PM

    Simultaneous Breakout Discussions

    4:30 PM
    BREAKOUT DISCUSSION: Neuromodulation

    Mike Fix, Director, MedTech, Guidehouse

    4:30 PM
    BREAKOUT DISCUSSION: How and Why Digitize the OR? Driving Value Now and into the Future

    Daniel Hawkins, Founder and CEO, Avail Medsystems, Inc.

    5:00 PM

    Neuromodulation: Devices Making Their Way in a Drug World

    Moderated By:

    Imran Eba, Partner, Action Potential Venture Capital

    Cynthia Yee, Principal, Vensana Capital

    Neuromodulation has long been a viable option for patients suffering from pain, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s, but it has usually been considered the option of last resort. Since the turn of the century, building on new physiological insights and technological advances, pioneers have been advancing the case for novel, miniaturized, or wearable neuromodulation devices – also called bioelectronic medicines – that are not just improving classic neuromodulation therapies but also hold the promise to compete as first line therapies, long the purview of drugs alone. This panel will feature leaders from some of these pioneering companies that will speak to how we can better understand the patient and engage the physician.


    Jill Schiaparelli, President & CEO, Avation Medical

    Doug Biehn, Chief Commercial Officer, Cala Health

    Ankit Shah, Senior Director, Commercialization & Marketing, SetPoint Medical

    5:00 PM

    Digitizing the OR: How Enabling Technologies and Analytics are Reshaping Surgery

    Moderated By:

    Amy Belt Raimundo, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Convey Capital

    The technologies that are transforming every industry – data, connectivity, sensors, video – are also making their way into the OR. This creates both new opportunities and novel challenges. Given the nature of the OR, there is a high threshold for utility, safety, and reliability. This panel will explore where enabling technologies have real impact, how companies are addressing the unique issues, and what this will mean for medtech companies.


    Oliver Keown, Managing Director, Intuitive Ventures

    David M. Schummers, CEO, Apella

    Daniel Hawkins, Founder & CEO, Avail Medsystems Inc

    Aviva McPherron, CIO, NuVasive

    Janani Reisenauer, Thoracic Surgeon, Mayo Clinic

    6:00 PM

    Welcome Networking Reception (Tangle Town Restaurant- 4th Floor of the Loews)

      Wednesday, June 15, 2022

      7:00 AM

      Registration and Networking Breakfast (Ballroom Foyer)

      8:00 AM

      Simultaneous Breakout Discussions

      8:00 AM
      MedTech Outsourcing: Are Manufacturers Ready to Part with Non-Strategic Development to Accelerate Product Innovation?

      Chris Rupp, Vice President of Global Marketing and Commercial Operations, NAMSA

      A key driver of success in the product development process is speed-to-market. Many companies are experiencing delays as the market recovers from COVID-19-related demand, placing extreme constraints on internal resources, supply chains and access to talent.    Accelerating product development means leveraging outsourced partners. All stakeholders want to see more clinical data before and after approving marketed devices, putting new burdens on device developers in addition to meeting changing European regulatory requirements.

      8:00 AM
      BREAKOUT DISCUSSION: Big Data and AI - The Impact on Med Devices

      Gunjan Agarwal, Partner, Intellectual Property, Fox Rothschild LLP

      Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly playing an important role in driving innovation in practically all medical device innovations. Given the significant investments businesses are making into developing AI systems and collection of data, it is important to implement a proactive and competitive strategy to protect IP rights in AI as well as the collected data. There is a reciprocal relationship between AI and big data because the success of AI depends heavily on big data while AI helps unlock the potential of large amounts of data by providing new processing tools, and any IP protection strategy should consider this relationship. The presentation will consider not only patent coverage, but also copyright protection, trade secret protection, and contractual provisions for protection of big data and AI – within U.S. as well as international jurisdictions.

      8:00 AM
      BREAKOUT DISCUSSION: What is the True Cost of Acquisition? Leveraging Operations Due Diligence when Evaluating Potential Acquisition Targets and Service Providers

      Toby Zimmerer, Director, Transaction Advisory Services, RSM

      When organizations commence their acquisition process to acquire a company, sell a business unit, purchase cloud based services or partner with contract labor services, leadership often assesses the financial implications and benefits during the process.  However, organizations tend to overlook the operational impacts as part of the process, which could result in additional integration costs, create redundancies, introduce regulatory and cybersecurity risks, and add additional overhead costs due to ineffective alignment with the capabilities of the current workforce.  This discussion will highlight the differences between financial due diligence and operations due diligence, discuss the potential impact on a company’s operations and finances, provide an overview for some of the topics related to operations due diligence and review some of the current trends and observations from prior industry experience.

      8:45 AM

      Networking Coffee Break (Ballroom Foyer)

      9:00 AM

      Welcome Remarks

      Jan Garfinkle, Managing Partner, Arboretum Ventures

      9:10 AM

      Medtech Debate: What are the Most Exciting Areas for Medtech Innovation over the Next Decade?

      Moderated By:

      Andrew Cleeland, CEO, Fogarty Innovation

      Join a panel of experts for an insightful look into the next decade of medtech, as we highlight and debate areas that are ripe for innovation and explore the challenges and opportunities for young companies in the ever-changing healthcare environment. This discussion will provide a better understanding of the perspectives of various stakeholders in the ecosystem, the most exciting technologies and therapies on the horizon, and the ways we can help these companies navigate the difficult pathway from concept to patient.


      Maria Berkman, Director & Head of MedTech, Broadview Ventures

      Jon Salveson, Chairman, Healthcare Investment Banking, Piper Sandler

      Douglas Kelly, Deputy Director for Science, Chief Scientist, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA

      Nicole J Walker, Managing Partner, Arboretum Ventures

      10:05 AM

      Healthcare at Home

      Moderated By:

      Andy Danielsen, Chair, Mayo Clinic Ventures

      COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the movement of care out of the four walls of a hospital, bringing it to lower cost settings and closer to the patient.  This trend toward virtual care and “healthcare/hospital at home” has the potential to transform the healthcare ecosystem, redefining the role of the hospital and creating massive opportunity for companies that develop the technologies that will enable this transformation.


      Rami Karjian, Co-Founder & CEO, Medically Home

      Kari S Snaza, Chief Strategy Officer, Mayo Clinic

      Sheri Dodd, VP & GM, Care Management Services, Medtronic Inc

      Ryan D Drant, Founder & Managing Partner, Questa Capital

      10:50 AM

      Networking Coffee Break (Ballroom Foyer)

      11:15 AM

      New Models for Medtech Clinical Trials

      Moderated By:

      James Eadie, Managing Director, Sante Ventures

      Over the past decade, the clinical function has progressed from one of the more mundane in medtech to one of the most innovative. Novel clinical strategies, evolving regulatory frameworks, COVID-19, direct-to-patient, health economics and other dynamics have transformed the way that companies prove that their products are safe, effective, and cost saving. The objective is an accelerated path to market with more and better data to support commercialization and market access, but these novel approaches can also bring new risks and challenges.


      Richard Kuntz, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Medtronic, Inc.

      Jodi Akin, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Hawthorne Effect

      Arslan Malik, Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, Reprieve Cardiovascular

      Jayme Strauss, Chief Clinical Officer, Viz.ai

      12:00 PM

      Presentation of 2022 Medtech MVP Award

      Patrice Kloss, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

      12:10 PM

      Keynote 1:1 Interview: Medtech MVP 2022 Award Recipient

      Doug Godshall, President & CEO, Shockwave Medical, Inc.

      The MVP Award recognizes an individual for extraordinary contributions to a medtech company that has successfully advanced an important new product and delivered strong financial returns. This year's award honors Shockwave Medical CEO Doug Godshall. Hear how Doug and his team transitioned Shockwave from a venture-backed company with a promising new cardiovascular product to a juggernaut with $400M+ in revenue and a multibillion dollar market capitalization.

      Interviewed by:

      Paul LaViolette, Managing Partner & COO, SV Health Investors LLP

      12:40 PM

      Networking Lunch (Ballroom Foyer)

      1:30 PM

      Afternoon Sessions Introductory Remarks

      Rob Barmann, Partner, Endeavour Vision

      1:35 PM

      Medtech Investing through Up and Down Markets

      Moderated By:

      Jonathan Norris, Managing Director, Venture Capital Relationships, Silicon Valley Bank

      Longtime medtech investors have seen the sector navigate numerous bull followed by bear markets, with the most recent cycle bounded by the go-go years of 2004-2008 that crashed with the onset of the Great Recession. What followed was a (very) long stretch of anemic company-creation, investment, and IPOs, which lasted until the recent rebound that has resulted in medtech being as hot as ever, as evidenced by an abundance of investment dollars and historically high financing and exit valuations. Considering the current market choppiness and macro uncertainty that seems likely to persist, this panel will reflect on prior cycles to help predict future outlooks.


      Jan Garfinkle, Managing Partner, Arboretum Ventures

      Geoffrey Pardo, General Partner, Gilde Healthcare US

      Rachel Jonas, VP & Investment Analyst, T. Rowe Price

      V Kadir Kadhiresan, VP Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Dev Corp

      2:35 PM

      Networking Refreshment Break (Ballroom Foyer)

      2:50 PM

      Fireside Chat Introduction

      Toby Zimmerer, Director, Transaction Advisory Services, RSM US

      2:55 PM

      Fireside Chat: Perspectives from Four Decades as a Leading Clinician, Innovator, and Executive

      Steve Oesterle, Board Director, Baxter International, Inc.

      Interviewed by:

      Josh Makower, Boston Scientific Applied Biomedical Engineering Professor, Bioengineering, Stanford Univ

      3:25 PM

      Town Hall: Medtech Innovation in a Value-Based Care World

      Justin Klein, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Vensana Capital

      Lawrence Cho, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, Allina Health

      We plan to close out the day with a classic town hall session focusing on the role medtech innovation is and will play in emerging models of value-based care delivery. Where are we in the evolution from a fee-for-service reimbursement paradigm to new models of value-based care? How should medtech entrepreneurs and investors think about the opportunities and challenges value-based care presents for clinical development or commercial strategies? Justin and Lawrence will emcee this interactive session with discussion, debate, live polling and direct engagement with the audience. Come prepared with questions and perspectives to share!

      4:10 PM

      Closing Remarks

      Benjamin Lakin, President, Cambridge Innovation Institute

      4:15 PM

      Networking Reception (Ballroom Foyer)

      5:30 PM

      Close of Summit